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The projects page contains details about some of the declassified and finished projects.

General details, technical data and datasheets that are declassified and not of a highly sensitive nature are posted in a chronological order. Other still classified project and some smaller projects that are not innovative enough will not be posted.

If you have some enquirers about some of the work done at ACME, please send your questions at the addresses listed at the contacts page. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Project 55 – Transimpedance Amplifier
Project 67 – Differential Buffer

Project 86 – DDS Signal Generator
Project 87 – Sample Holder for Dielectric Spectroscopy in Magnetic Fields

Project 102 – Current Monitor and Switch
Project 113 – 3D render of MOT setup
Project 120 – High Voltage Switch
Project 128 – KF Glass Cryostat

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