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ACME, or Advanced Center for Mechatronic Engineering is the Research and Development department of the Institute of Physics in Zagreb.

The center has been established by Damir Altus in 2016. Its mission is to develop custom mechanical and electronic solutions for measuring problems for all laboratories at the institute.

In short, we can make it happen. Because science is not about why, it is about why not.
Most of the RnD is done in the fields of analog electronics and mechanics, but from time to time certain problems require solutions from many other fields.
Most of the projects are one-of-a-kind. The prototype, release candidate and the final products is often the same device/machine, so until it is finished, the failure rate is not known. With that in mind, the success rate is over 99% in the last four years, so the saying ‘It might just work’ should actually say ‘The probability of success is quite high, and the confidence in the design is excellent, and if it does not work, try again’.

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