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Current Monitor and Switch

The Current Monitor and Switch is an electronic switch that is used for turning on and off the main MOT coils. CMS has been made for the MeCombO lab.

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The CMS has been designed to handle current of 20 A and voltage up to 20 V, but it can handle up to 30 A of current. It has been designed to have the shortest possible turn on / off time. The maximum safe switching voltage is 30 V. The turn on time is 2.5 uS, while the turn off time is 48 uS. The voltage rise time is 700 nS and the voltage fall time is 3.3 uS. The CMS also features current monitoring with an analog output and a conversion factor of 40 mV / A, from DC to 200 kHz. The equivalent resistance of the entire CMS (positive + negative rail) is 4.4 mE. The maximum switching frequency is 1 kHz. It can be triggered via TTL trigger input or manually via switch.

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