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A A A Dysl

Research and Development department of the Institute of Physics in Zagreb

ACME science inovators 04 grayscale 960x340

It specializes in making it happen. Because science is not about why, it is about why not.

KF Glass Cryostat

KF Glass Cryostat

The KF Glass Cryostat is the newest glass cryostat build for the SCEinLOM project.

High Voltage Switch

The High Voltage Switch is a high speed high voltage DC switch for cold plasma discharges made for the LaCPID project.

3D render of MOT setup

The 3D render of MOT setup is a complete and accurate 3D render of the main MOT setup of the MeCombO lab.

Current Monitor and Switch

The Current Monitor and Switch is an electronic switch that is used for turning on and off the main MOT coils.

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